Do you think the organ donation system should be opt-out?


Your Feedback:

91% (50 respondents) answered yes, as they thought the organ donation system should be opt-out. 9% (5 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“There is a shortage of organs for donation. Many will die before they are offered one. We must change the law.”

“Doesn’t take into account people like Jehovahs Witnesses who wouldn’t want their organs donated or it may be that people simply lack capacity to be able to opt out and wouldn’t want their organs donated”

“Consideration must be given to people who do not have the capacity to understand what it means. GPs and health professionals could do more to promote it and get people to sign up.”

“If people would want an organ if theirs fail, then they should be willing to donate their own if they die with healthy bits. Too often organ donation is an afterthought.”

“Room has to be made for Religious and moral objection”

“At any one time there is over 750 people on the organ donation list in Scotland. For many I believe that it is not that they do not want to participate in organ donation but more that people’s lives are so busy nowadays that filling out an organ donation form is probably not very far up anyone’s to do list. Therefore, an opt-out organ donation system would be the preferred route.”