Do you think Universal Credit should be stopped in Scotland? Yes/No


Your Feedback:

90% (37 respondents) answered yes, as they thought Universal Credit should be stopped in Scotland. 10% (4 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“Yes, stop Universal Credit, this has caused and is causing sheer misery for a lot of families”
“Not only is unwanted it will have serious effects on councils incomes putting other services at risk.”
“It is not fit for purpose. Delays in processing claims are contributing to rent arrears, evictions and the need for a rise in foodbanks. It’s a disaster”
“The changeover from weekly payments to monthly payments causes serious hardships.”
The unemployed must be able to manage their money, if they can’t, how will we as a country be able to make work pay?”
“Online requirements are excluding the most vulnerable. Delays in payment are unacceptable No real positives – conditions for couples worse than JSA or ESA etc etc”