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The Commission on Parliamentary Reform, Your Parliament, Your Voice

The Commission on Parliamentary Reform was launched by the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Government in October 2016. The remit of the Commission is to consider how the Scottish Parliament: Can increase its engagement with wider society and involve the public; Can clarify its identity, as distinct from the Scottish Government; and Can be assured that it has the rights ‘checks and balances’ to enable effective conduct of parliamentary business
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Social Security in Scotland

The Scottish Government will be publishing a paper called ‘A New Future for Social Security in Scotland’. This will be published in March 2017. In that paper, the Scottish Government made a commitment to work with people across Scotland to determine how best to use the new social security powers which will be devolved by the Scotland Act 2016. The Scottish Government believe that there should be opportunities for everyone to participate in the debates and decisions that matter to them, regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds.
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