Closing Date: Wednesday 24 May 2017

About this consultation

The Scottish Government and the Minister with responsibility for British Sign Language (BSL) has launched a consultation on the draft British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017 – 2023. Throughout this document British Sign Language will be referred to as BSL.

BSL is a language in its own right, with its own grammar, syntax and vocabulary. It is a language that enables many of our Deaf and Deafblind citizens learn, work, parent, be creative, live life to the full, and to make their contribution to our communities, our culture and our economy. Over the past 12 months, members of the BSL National Advisory Group have been working together to help develop Scotland’s first draft BSL National Plan.

This draft plan covers the whole of the Scottish Government and over 50 national public bodies that Scottish Ministers have responsibility for. The draft BSL has 10 long term goals. These goals represent what the Scottish Government want for BSL in Scotland. This is the first draft plan and sets out the steps the Scottish Government think can be realistically achieved in the next 6 years. Future plans will take the Scottish Government closer to their 10 long term goals.

The Scottish Government want you to tell them what you think about the steps they will take in the first BSL National Plan. They want you to tell them if they are the right steps and if you think the steps are achievable.

How to tell us what you think

To respond to this consultation, you can do the following:

  • or post to:

Your response to SDEF will be collated with other SDEF member responses and submitted on behalf of SDEF.

Go directly to the consultation website where alternative formats are available –

Please return your response to Scottish Disability Equality Forum no later than Wednesday 24 May 2017.

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