Question: Do you agree with the introduction of minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes – 56% (30 respondents) No – 44% (24 respondents)

 Your comments: “How is minimum pricing going to solve anything? Those who can afford it will continue to afford it and those that have a problem with alcohol are simply going to have to make a decision between whether they drink or whether they eat.”

“Speaking as a teetotaller who used to drink quite heavily, this is not a deterrent. if folks want to drink, they will do so at the cost of something else.”

“In my opinion I agree with this. We also need to educate people on the devastation that irresponsible drinking can have, i.e. vandalism, assaults, domestic abuse, costs to NHS, costs to police, not to mention the court costs and criminalisation of some people who (when sober) do not normally get into any trouble.”