Weekly Poll Results – Ban on Pavement Parking

Question: The Scottish Government is to ban parking on pavements. Do you agree with the ban?

Your feedback: Yes –98% (87 respondents) No – 2% (2 respondents)

Your comments:

“Pavements are for pedestrians not vehicles. A ban will assist me as I will not face so many barriers when out and about in my wheelchair.”

“From a motorist point of view it may increase traffic congestion as people park on the road surface, but this is not a reason not to make the changes.”

“Will wardens get their tape measure out every time they see a car on a pavement? It should be an outright ban, unless the street parkers have council permission.”

“Some people do not think about the effect of their actions they take on people like myself, finding pathways that have dropped kerbs is bad enough without having cars on the kerbs. This will help all the groups you have identified, making life a wee bit easier.”

“I don’t think it will be enforced as there are no parking attendants where I live and the police don’t bother”

“It doesn’t go far enough. Banning parking across dropped kerbs should have been included too”

“Will be very difficult in housing estates where there are few designated parking areas. Cars need to be half on pavements to allow buses and lorries to get along the streets.”

“There needs to be a ban applied per the requirements for that street or road. An example is when my mother’s street had a house fire, the fire brigade couldn’t access the fire because cars were NOT parked on the pavement.”