Closing Date: Friday 6 October 2017

About this Consultation

The Scottish Health Council is part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland. It was set up in 2005.

The Scottish Health Council works to:

  • Make sure the NHS in Scotland listens to the public and takes account of your views.
  • Involves people and communities in planning health services
  • Helps the NHS in Scotland to improve how it involves the public

The Scottish Government and other organisations have worked with the Scottish Health Council to set up Our Voice.

Our Voice is about involving lots of different people and communities in Scotland in helping to make health and social care services better.

Our Voice wants to involve people and communities who don’t usually get heard. These communities should get extra support so that they can take part.

The Scottish Health Council has been leading on parts of Our Voice, like the Citizen’s Panel and the Our Voice Website.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland are thinking about whether to make changes to the Scottish Health Council.

Why change?

The Scottish Government wants Health and Social Care services to change so that people can live longer, healthier lives.

They want Health and Social Care services to:

  • Work together more
  • Treat people quickly at home, or as near to home as possible
  • Provide high quality care which involves patients in deciding what to do
  • Make sure people only stay in hospital as long as they need to.

The Scottish Government also want:

  • People and communities to be more involved in planning health services that are right for local people
  • People to share what they think about services
  • People to have more control over their long-term health conditions and decisions about treatment and services

These changes will mean that the Scottish Health Council may have to change the way it works. Any changes should still carry on the Scottish Health Council’s work on Our Voice, and use their skills and experience in helping people and communities share what they think about services.

How to tell us what you think

To respond to this consultation, you can do the following:

  • Answer the questions in document below and email to
  • or post to: James Davidson
    Equality Projects Assistant
    Scottish Disability Equality Forum
    Office 2/4, The e-Centre, Cooperage Way
    Alloa, FK10 3LP

When completing this consultation, please

Your response to SDEF will be collated with other SDEF member responses and submitted on behalf of SDEF.

For more information, go directly to the consultation website:

Please return your response to Scottish Disability Equality Forum no later than Friday 6 October 2017

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