Question: Have you come across barriers which prevent you from living in a home which could improve your quality of life?

Your feedback: Yes –73% (29 respondents) No 27% (11 respondents)

Your comments:

“We live upstairs and my daughter has mobility issues. We are also isolated as had to move away from own neighbour hood after homelessness”
“All Doors are below current standards for wheelchair access. Council refusing to replace my Broken 25yr old Stairlift inspite of 2 x positive NHS Reach assessments.”
“All sorted now but took several years! Barriers: * Lack of suitable housing stock. * Lack of funding once house available + arguments over responsibility for funding. * Very poor communications with all concerned. * All concerned thinking they knew best but clearly did not! * Incompetent and insightless Local Authority/OT staff. * Procrastination making house essentially inaccessible after acceptance of keys – essential work done in phases after the fact so not ready to move into immediately. * Clueless builders/contractors. * Not one individual assumed responsibility to see any work through from start to finish, work not monitored, contractors not monitored. * No continuity.”
“More training is needed for architects on disability equality and accessibility”