Question: Were you affected by the recent extreme weather?

Your feedback: Yes – 88% (49 respondents) No 12% (7 respondents)

Your comments:

“My Wife and I were not able to go out because I use an Electric Wheelchair and my Wife has a Trypod. We could not get out the door until paths and Pavements were Cleared of the White Stuff.”

“I think employers who dock wages for absence during extreme conditions should be at least named and shamed. They have an obligation not to put their staff at undue risk. What’s worse is that putting their own staff at risk also increases the workload and risk to others.”

“Became ill due to pharmacist being unable to supply urgent medication. This was due to wholesale pharmacists refusing to deliver.”

“My Partner is getting docked a days pay for Thursday, the day with the red warning. They also had to take 2 hours holiday to get home early on the Wednesday and if they hadn’t they would have been stuck on the M80 all night.”

“Over the past week and a half we have high approximately 4 feet of snow. Being a wheelchair user I am simply grounded. I can’t get to work, can’t get any shopping without my wife. Simply put, I can go nowhere.”

“Meetings and events were cancelled that led to loss of income and opportunities. I think it would be extremely unfair for staff to be penalised by having their wages docked, but also empathise with employers who will have suffered heavy financial losses due to the disruption.”