Question: Did you benefit from the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games? ( For example: increased physical activity, work experience, new housing)

Your feedback: Yes –3% (1 respondents) No 97% (28 respondents)

Your comments:

“Has had positive impact: housing, regeneration, facilities but disappointing activity levels have not increased. Need for longer “pre” work and more dedicated “post” work planned in – hindsight!”

“The 2014 Commonwealth Games made me want to take up a sport but I live in a remote rural area where I cannot even get access to the swimming pool and most sports venues are totally inaccessible to me so was unable to take up any sport.”

“It is disappointing that the Games had little impact on sport participation in Scotland and I do think that taking part in sport to an international level still remains elitist and easier for people from more affluent backgrounds.”

“Despite the cost I think the Games did much to promote a positive impression of Glasgow.”