Question: RBS is planning to replace many local branches with a mobile banking vehicle that will visit local areas as per a fixed timetable. Is a mobile banking vehicle a suitable option for you?’

Your feedback: Yes –19% (15respondents) No 81% (64 respondents)

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Responses were shared with Sottish Rural Action, who are working with Jeane Freeman MSP to approach the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and request that they investigate the RBS plans to replace branches with banking vehicles. The comments that we received from our members raised a number of concerns about the introduction of a mobile banking vehicle.

Physical Access – Access to mobile banking vehicles can be challenging for disabled people due to physical barriers. “If you cannot access the van, the bank teller has to leave the vehicle and attend to the customers’ banking needs, in the supermarket car park, which is humiliating and an unacceptable form of inequality.”

Frequency of mobile banking service – Another concern about mobile banking that was raised by our members is the inconvenience of having to adhere to a fixed timetable. “Set times will not suit many disabled people since they are dependent on carers/family taking them to the bank and the time of the mobile bank might not coincide with the time their carer is available.”

Lack of information – Limited information about the introduction of mobile banking has resulted in frustration and confusion with regards to where and when the service will run.  “Our local branch didn’t actually officially inform anyone it was happening, we knew through word of mouth but we have never received any information on what the closure means or when the mobile banking bus will be around”.