Have you or someone you know encountered any problems accessing court services?


Your Feedback:

55% of respondents answered yes, as they or someone they knew had encountered problems accessing court services. 45% of respondents answered no.

Your Comments:

“Civil/Criminal Court Deaf people with communication support needs find it difficult to get an initial appointment for legal advice as it is unclear who pays for the communication support and it may even require communication support to organise an appointment.”

“Physical barriers, at counters and in courts themselves e.g. sheriff court”

“I am in a wheelchair on the first day when I was summoned to addend the court their was no direction to how a Wheelchair user could get in to the building! This was rapidly resolved with some advice from a member of staff.”

“when asked to be a juror and letting them know i am a wheelchair user i was not chosen as a juror as the court is not accessible”

“Staff not aware of what is available to assist someone with hearing loss. Loop systems or infrared systems not being provided or not working properly. People in court not speaking clearly enough or loudly enough. Court room acoustics making it difficult to hear.”

“Physical access to Court in Edinburgh. Cars / taxis kept some distance from access, paving difficult for walking, no support inside ie no wheelchairs or help with chairs or other mobility issues available”