Have you encountered any problems when booking tickets and accessing venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?


Yes 53% (16 respondents) No 47% (14 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Properly working hearing loops are rarely provided so the experience is typically poor or pointless. Infrared systems are sometimes available but not very often. They are not nearly such a good solution as hearing loops as they require you to use equipment that might not work with your hearing aids, and they also require you to find a member of staff to get hold of the equipment, which is often not fully charged or working properly. Occasionally there are captions provided but even if there are, a hearing loop is still essential to allow you to listen and catch what you can and fill in the gaps with the captions.”

“I would check the venue was suitable for me and my needs either by phoning or emailing them directly. Asking people who have already visited the venue and using sites like Euan’s Guide (”

“I think it is great. Venues are often wildly inaccessible, but the staff are helpful and friendly and do everything they can to assist. Getting to venues via public transport would be my greatest problem.”

“I attended an excellent one-woman play in the Teviot Row Union, but had great difficult in hearing because of sound and applause encroaching from a much larger adjoining venue in the same building. Temporary venues in buildings built for other purposes do not have sound insulation to the levels required for simultaneous public performances in different rooms.Temporary installation of portable induction loops might help.”

I am deaf. Sometimes you have to book tickets by phone which is a problem. Sometimes if you need to change dates for tickets you can only do that by phone. It affects my independence.”

“I’ve had lots of great experiences at the fringe festival. However, given the limited space for performances, there are some events I couldn’t get to because of access. This is more a building issue, rather than a festival event organising issue. As there is a dedicated phone number for those with access needs, booking tickets is less of an issue. Ticket collection can be a minor problem as some of the windows at collection points are standing height. Forget public transport… I almost got caught once going from the underbelly to a venue beneath Edinburgh Castle. The fringe may want to consider dedicated transport…for a small fee? not enough accessible toilets. I have to travel from Glasgow, so I might make it through for the discussion, but if I don’t these are a few pointers.”