Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Accessible Buildings.


Do you think more should be done to improve the accessibility of public buildings in Scotland?


Your Feedback:

98% (59 respondents) answered YES that more should be done to improve the accessibility of public buildings in Scotland?. 2% (1 respondent) answered No.

Your Comments:

“It’s about time the government brought in new legislation for access to many buildings that restricts people in wheelchairs enjoying the same services as the able bodied.”

“More consideration of those with physical disabilities that can walk but who struggle to do so rather than just serving the needs of those in wheelchairs, although of course this needs also to continue to be addressed.”
“It’s a poor excuse to say that a listed building can’t be modified to make it wheelchair accessible for fear of loosing its character – a quick YouTube search shows that anything is possible in today’s world if you want to make it happen!”
“Until they change the wording in the equality act 2010 ie reasonable adjustment then we will never have fully accessible building or infrastructure of any kind”
“There are too many Modern Buildings that are not accessible in this day and age. Especially Clothes Shops. I Also find that some clothes shops are not Disabled Friendly.”
“Accessibility is not the first concern of property owners or architects. There is not enough training for architects.”
“Many public building have terrible access for those with mobility issues including GP’s, Health Centres, Dentists, Hospitals and Council/Local Authority offices.”
“We need to eradicate the multitude of basic mistakes when it comes to physical access. We also need to think a lot more about access for those who have hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus or sound sensitivity.”