Is there enough accessible housing in Scotland?


Your Feedback:

100% (40 respondents) agreed that there is not enough accessible housing in Scotland.

Your Comments:

“Housing associations need to commit at least 20% of their budgets to accessible new builds – that reflects the amount of disabled people currently in the population.”

“I am fortunate enough to live in one of Blackwood’s accessible homes but I am well aware that I am one of the lucky ones, most of my friends who live with the same disability as me struggle in unsuitable housing because there is not enough to meet demand.”

“Better accessible housing would save us all hospital and social care costs by supporting disabled people to live independent and more active lives.”

“It is a question that is not even considered by Social Work if you are attempting to provide care at home. It seems so strange that it is not acknowledged as someone cannot receive care without a home. ”

“It is near impossible to find accessible housing in Scotland. We have an ageing population, yet housebuilders (all types) are not building enough homes.”

“The government only look at physical disabilities and don’t consider those with sensory impairments or difficulties i.e. sight and auditory issues, not just deaf and blind, but also sensory sensitivity.”

“Not enough consultation with disabled people regarding the provision of accessible housing in Scotland.”

“Need larger homes for families 3&4 bedrooms It is not just older people who need them.”

“A bespoke build is out of reach if most people”

“From what I am aware there are a few specific, purpose built schemes throughout Scotland but accessible housing generally tends to be specific properties, adapted or otherwise purpose built within other non-accessible/standard housing schemes.”

“From personal experience, the level of accessibility of so-called “accessible housing” leaves much to be desired!”

“Design flaws of so-called “accessible housing” and brings into question the architects and builders, not to mention the OT’s actual understanding of disability and access.”

“Accessible housing appears to be designed and built by people who merely think they know what disabled people need!”

“The main problem is sharp differences in different parts of Scotland. I know of a case where, on bcoming disabled, someone had to move more than 100 miles because there was a 12-year waiting list for disabled persons’ social housing in his own area.”