Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about accessible postal services.


Have you experienced any difficulties accessing postal services, for example travelling to depots to collect mail delivered when you were out, or arranging redelivery of items?


Your Feedback:

59% (23 respondents) answered yes as they had  experienced difficulties accessing postal services. 41% (16 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“Four Post Offices nearest to where I live are all inaccessible to me – this means travelling great distances or having to pay a carer to go to my local Post Office to complete my transactions there. This is ridiculous in 21st Century Scotland but says everything about me being a 2nd class citizen.”

“I’ve had challenges when trying to arrange delivery by telephone as I am deaf.”

“I have a Sorting Office just around the corner and find them to be very helpful.”

“Our collection place for parcels or mail is difficult to get to as people use the car park to get to shops ect., nearby”

“My biggest difficulty is being able to access post offices that have been moved into local grocery shops. On one recent occasion I had to get my son to come with me to move crates of lemonade and boxes of stock from the floor to allow me access the PO counter. The shop owner watched as we moved items.”

“The cost of a journey to collect a parcel from an out of town depot can be quite high (as well as the time taken) and it should be possible to collect parcels from local sub post offices or delivery offices.”

“Our post office is on the village’s main street but does not have disabled parking at it, only a space for 3 or 4 cars, inevitably taken by non disabled drivers, some of whom park there all day, as the post office is in a 3 storey building with flats above.”

“Postal service don’t understand that it takes me longer to get in a position to open the door”

“Closed the post office in the centre of town and moved it to the outskirts where it is far more inaccessible and entails a 500 – 600 metre walk (if you can walk). It is even worse if you have to use a wheelchair. The pathway is uneven, the dropped kerbs are a joke and people have fallen out of their wheelchairs when using them. When you do reach the post office, the ramp is cluttered with goods for sale so that only the very narrowest of wheelchairs can actually reach the post office. Then when you have to do a 90 degree turn to enter, there is no room for a turning platform to get through the door.”

“It is very difficult to get to mail delivery office to collect letters that require a signature if you live in a remote area of Highlands & Islands. Additional problems occur when the addressee is deaf and cannot use telephones. The situation is now much worse becausethe sheriff court rules have recently been changed requiring all documents to be sent by royal mail “signed-for” service which clearly puts severely disabled people at a disadvantage especially those living in remote rural areas of Scotland.”