Question: Do you feel confident accessing railway stations across Scotland over the festive period?


Yes –1% (3 respondents) No – 99% (257 respondents)

Your comments:

“I am not confident accessing train stations at any time of the year and the festive period is worse.”

“I am lucky that most stations where I start and finish my journey are accessible, but I have heard there will be disruptions and bus replacement services during the festive period. This is a big problem for me as the bus replacements are sometimes coaches and as I don’t book assistance, I don’t get allocated a taxi when they realise I could get on the train but not a coach. I have been left stranded to work this out myself before and this will no doubt happen again as ScotRail don’t want to know and just say if I didn’t book assistance, they can help me. In circumstances like this the customer service is terrible and they refer to legal duties and processes and don’t actually see the problem they have caused especially for someone who doesn’t book assistance and isn’t mobile enough to get on a coach if it is used as a replacement. These needs addressed. Coaches should not be used as an alternative to trains. I have witnessed many people having the same problem as me.”

“Don’t feel confident at any time of the year but less confident over the festive period where carriages are overcrowded and there is more disruption.”

“Just seen ScotRail announcements about major changes and disruptions to services from Boxing Day (for maintenance) hence I won’t be going near rail for my travels. Travel plans are hard enough for disabled people and rail disruptions, having to book assistance and stations that are not accessible

“Make it extremely hard and expensive to use rail if you are disabled. It will be the car for me. Cheaper and more reliable.”

“Over the festive period my travel times and patterns/plans change (not solely commuting) and I can’t book assistance spontaneously which means I can’t travel by rail even from some of the station I can sometimes use with assistance. The main problem is that too many of our train station are not accessible and therefor disabled people can’t use them. This is an Inequality.”