Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Accessible Taxis.


Since April 6 2017 have you, or someone you know, been charged extra when using an accessible taxi in Scotland?


Your Feedback:

81% (21 respondents) answered NO as they or someone they knew had not been charged extra for using an accessible taxi in Scotland since April 6 2017. 19% (5 respondents) answered YES and had been charged extra.

Your Comments:

“Cost is really not the issue here. Availability outside big towns and cities is the hurdle that wheelchair users must face on a daily basis.”

“On the occasion I was over charged I didn’t notice I had been until the return journey by the same private hire company for £4 less for a 3 mile journey.”

“Some drivers do keep their meters running while getting passengers get in, I’ve seen this in Edinburgh and heard of it in Glasgow.”

“Some so-called wheelchair accessible taxis are not accessible to my wheelchair (particularly side entry ones via a ramp).”

“Accessible taxis for wheelchairs are not necessarily suitable for old people, those with young children and blind guide and other assistance dog owners.”

“In my personal opinion up until now I have had no problems”

“Going across 3 county borders – and wanted a bigger cab meant more cost than usual. why? driver told us just is.”

“Taxis refused to take my daughter in their black cabs even though 3 had the wheelchair sign displayed”

“Each local authority area should provide some sort of taxi card scheme for people who require to use accessible taxis”

Accessible Taxi - infographic

Accessible Taxi - infographic