Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about accessible tickets.


Have you or someone you know found it difficult to buy accessible tickets for an event? (live music, theatre, comedy, sport and conferences etc.)


Your Feedback:

81% (42 respondents) answered yes as they had  experienced difficulties purchasing accessible tickets. 19% (10 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“In Glasgow at the main large venues (Hydro etc) it is virtually impossible to get Accessible Tickets. If you don’t get through on the Phone within the first 5 minutes of lines opening then you have no chance.”

“Never tried with independent ticket offices as this requires use of a telephone which due to disability I do not/cannot use. Have attempted online sellers but many only offer telephone contact at premium rate numbers and lengthy waits, IF any option at all and NO email or text options for communications. As such, I am unable to visit live events!”

“In particular Murrayfield Rugby – for 6 nations, you have to phone, then you are put into a ballot as they limit the number of spaces, meaning it is virtually impossible to get a ticket.”

“Very disappointing and demoralising as you sit trying to get through on the accessible seating booking line only to find they are nearly always sold out.”

“I usually take the easy way out by asking someone else to do it for me!”

“Tried to book tickets for a sports event i.e. the European Championships in Glasgow next year. You had to phone to get them but if you phoned the number given it was not available!!”

“Filled in online form to get two tickets for Elton John concert in Airdrie I filled in one part for the disabled section as my wife is blind and disabled from ticketmaster the concert has now past and never got tickets”

“Most smaller/medium venues only have ticket access by phone! All phone access a challenge & barrier for deaf folk to very, very yes!”

“Every time I have to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster I have problems and on many occasion, even though I start to phone as soon as they are released I don’t get the tickets after spending hours on hold which costs a fortune.”

“I have tried on many occasions to buy accessible tickets to events without success. I have now given up as it’s not worth the stress of phoning an accessible booking line that is permanently engaged.”

“Limited availability discount codes or special offers usually do not apply”