Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about accessible tourism.


Do you find it easy to find accessible holiday accommodation?


Your Feedback:

27% (11 respondents) said YES, that they do find it easy to find accessible holiday accommodation.  73% (30 respondents) said NO, they do not find it easy.

Your Comments:

“It is easy to find accommodation and over many years we have booked B&B, rented accommodation and hotels and only twice had refusals because of a guide dog”

“I have only found 2 places in Scotland with any type of standing aid (which I need to toilet, shower and get in and out of bed)….sadly, I only take the occasional day trip now.”

“The accommodation providers idea of the needs of disabled people is often so wrong, they should be forced to ask qualified Access auditors advice or the advice of people with different disabilities.”

“The Agent in partnership with the company/owner guarantee that their facilities are accessible but once one arrives one finds that accessibility is minimal to say the least.”

“Accessible holiday accommodation is very difficult to find. The main reason that I have found is that either hotels have little understanding of what is and what is not accessible or they tell lies about what is available”

“Review sites such as Trip Advisor seem to list just about anything as wheelchair accessible, if the owner ticks the box! There needs to be a minimum requirement for a place to be able to claim accessibility – eg door width/no steps/ wheel in shower”

“Has improved over the past years, but can still be difficult.”

“I normally have to compromise on features of accommodation or accept that I will have to loose some of my independence while at the accommodation.”

“There seems to be little enforcement of the Equality Act. Many hotels have no notion that one step may be a barrier.”

“I find getting there very stressful so the holiday isn’t a relaxing experience.”

“Accommodation providers don’t realise the market they are missing. There has to be more of an effort by Scottish Tourist Board to encourage providers to make changes to their buildings/premises/shops”

Accessible Tourism Infographic

Accessible Tourism Infographic