Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about  Accessible Travel. We had a tremendous response and received lots of interesting comments.


Are there barriers which prevent you from travelling on public transport. YES/NO

Your Feedback:

90% (28 respondents) said YES they had experienced barriers which prevented them travelling on public transport because of their disability. 10% (3 respondents) said NO, they had not.

Some comments:

” A severe lack of wheelchair accessible taxis away from town and city centres.”

“Trains can be good and staff are helpful. Disability awareness training is important as it makes a real difference regarding this.”

“Mobility scooters are not allowed on most forms of public transport even though electric wheelchairs (sometimes heavier) are allowed”

“Lack of disabled parking, non badge holders taking the spaces, no checking of blue badges, current badge holders misusing their badges etc etc!”

“There are no wheelchair accessible toilets on coaches and because I live in remote rural Scotland, there are few truly accessible public toilets to use on the routes.”

“Often I have experienced a lack of station announcements on Scotrail Trains. Even with the automated system, drivers often don’t turn this on.”

“If information is shared by public address systems it is not accessible to people with hearing loss. I have many times been left confused and anxious as to why people have swapped trains or platforms because I haven’t heard the announcement.”

“Failure to acknowledge invisible disabilities such as MS. Drivers not trained, can be rude, expect the impossible.”