Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Accessible Voting.


Do you think voting is accessible in Scotland?


Your Feedback:

67% (18 respondents) answered NO as they considered access to the polling station, travel to the polling station and also the accessibility of the ballot paper. 33% (9 respondents) answered YES that voting was accessible.

Your Comments:

“The “accessible” voting booths are not fit for purpose. The Shelf is too high, does not project far enough and the booth is not deep enough for most wheelchair users.”

“Fairly good accessibility, but some venues not on bus routes. So many types of venues now used to stop using schools, so it is up to the Councils who decide where the Polling Stations will be to ensure that they are accessible in every way and that staff know how to deal with the disabled.”

“Physical access can be difficult. Access to communication support, better acoustics and hearing loops etc never seem considered either. Bigger issue for BSL users would be access to info to make an informed decision.”

“As a blind person I need help to vote and could be told the cross was in one place while in another. Why not on-line voting so that I can do it independently using accessible technology”

“It should b a legal requirement that all polling stations should have wheelchair access.”