Question: Have you encountered any problems when using passenger assistance at an airport in Scotland? (For example: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Prestwick, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee.)

Your feedback: Yes 33% (17 Respondents) No 67% (34 respondents)

Your comments: 

“I cannot fault the staff at Glasgow and Prestwick. The biggest problem is some people demanding assistance without actually booking it, and do not genuinely need it.”

“I usually travel from Edinburgh airport. I prefer to remain in my own wheelchair until I board the plane. I find the staff helpful and getting used to tagging my wheelchair ready for stowing in the hold. At one time this would confuse the check in staff but they are getting more accustomed to us wheelchair users getting out and flying to all parts of the world.”

“Recently had a fantastic trip via Edinburgh using the “Welcome App” (by Neatebox). The Staff were first class, met us on arrival at Airport, got us checked in, asked what we wanted to do and assisted us with some Shopping at Duty Free, got sorted with Food at a Bar and then given a time when they would come back and take us to our gate. This they done on-time. On arrival back to Edinburgh we only had a short wait to leave the Aircraft, the Staff then helped collect our bags and took us out to a Taxi. Superb Service as normally at most Airports you are simply met at Check-in and taken straight to your gate (bypassing Shops, Food etc).

” you are ignoring problems at airports in Orkney. Airports there require climbing a flight of stairs to get to the plane. No assistance is available.”

“As a frequent flyer and wheelchair user, I can honestly say that the assistance received at Glasgow Airport has been handled in a helpful and courteous manner.”

“Edinburgh Airport has recently received a ‘Very Good’ rating from the CAA for assistance they tried to put me on a half size ambulift, wanting to carry me in my own wheelchair (the biggest no-no in the book) and taking more than 40 minutes to get off the aircraft after everyone else had gone I would not even rate average far less is very good. Eventually I had to do a bum shuffle down the steps of the aircraft in considerable pain. The staff were also impertinent and could not really care less.”

“Travelled from Prestwick last week with my granddaughter who is a wheelchair user. No problems and the staff could not have been more helpful.
“Only used Glasgow airport and was very impressed by all the staff involved”

“All assistance I have received at Scottish airports has been excellent”

“I recently went in a holiday to Majorca flying from Inverness. The assistance which we received on the way out was fantastic. However on the way back it was awful. The ambilift was broken and they didn’t have another one which would fit the plane properly. They managed to get most of the passengers to go down the steps however I am not able to go down steps at all. They were going to have to manually lift me down the steps which would have been so humiliating. It’s hard enough being disabled without having to go through all that. In the end they managed to get the ambilift reasonably connected although I certainly wouldn’t say it was in any way a safe transfer across to it as it didn’t connect properly and left open gaps on it to go across at a very height while also having problems with my walking and balance. Not good at all!”