Question: Do you agree with the accessibility outcomes proposed by the Law Commission?


Yes – 98% (270 respondents) No –2 % (5 respondents)

Your comments:

“Good outcomes. Disabled people need to be involved in the evolution of the outcomes.”

“A positive looking set of outcomes for a change. Well done Law Commission. Leading the way! Just a pity other transport operators don’t follow suit and redesign their transport services using these outcomes as a baseline.”

“Outcomes are good but if they become law, they need to be enforced.”

“No provision has been considered for safe removal of disabled passengers should a vehicle break down between accessible stops. This applies across all disabilities from wheelchair users to, learning difficulties, hearing impaired and visually impaired users.”

“The issues of Inclusive Communication, accessible information and systems/practices will be a challenge but they do sit within the principles/outcomes!”

“Overall the Outcomes look good however if you take time to study them then there are a number of points that need to be addressed. Outcome 2 Passengers must be able to board and alight the vehicle? How will this impact on Wheelchair users, such as the height of the vehicle from the ground? Automatic ramp? Disabled people take longer to get on and off most types of transport how will this impact on these vehicles. Outcome 3 What exactly does reasonable comfortable mean ? Accessible Awareness training for transport staff ? This needs to be something that covers a wide range of different conditions,  Such as the different size of wheelchairs, children chairs, standard manual wheelchair, power chair or scooter and bariatric wheelchair etc. Outcome 9 Training for Disabled users? This sounds very good on paper however there needs to be standards set so that people known what to expect. Outcome 10, if there is no staff on these vehicles will there be good video equipment installed to record each journey so that any issue anti social behaviour or disability hate crime can be looked at?”

“There would be a benefit to including a further outcome that focuses on reducing inequalities band ensuring the inequality gap is not widened in terms of usability/accessibility and ease of use for all with autonomous vehicles and also ensures affordability for all.”

“Hopefully there will be meaningful engagement with DPOs and Disabled People to develop these outcomes.”

“I would not be comfortable with these rules at all (how on earth can AI detect risks of ‘anti-social and discriminatory behaviour’?). Self-Driving vehicles must not replace real vehicles.”

“I am a full time carer to a severely disabled husband and this seems like an even more hazardous travel outcome on top of travel problems already faced.”