Question: Do you think automated vehicles should be programmed to mount the pavement?

Your feedback: Yes  20% (7 respondents) No 80% (28 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Disabled people and any other pedestrians have enough problems as it is actually using pavements due to illegally and selfishly parked and abandoned vehicles, totally blocked pavements, blocked dropped kerbs, double parked vehicles, etc. which continues unchallenged by Local Authority or Police without some robotic vehicle deciding it has more right to be on a pavement than a pedestrian does! Use of pavements by disabled and pedestrians is an absolute nightmare, robotic vehicles would take this nightmare to a whole new level.”

“This could be very hazardous and could eventually become a licence for everyone to mount the pavement even for trivial matters.”

“If anything it should be programmed to stop, even if it means being an emergency stop – the occupant should be properly strapped in inside the vehicle.”

“I would assume from what I have already read that if there was an obstacle in the way the automated vehicle would stop. This could have implications if another vehicle was coming towards it but I suspect that by the time the automated vehicle detected this a collision would be inevitable.”

“While it is right that vehicles should mount the pavement at certain times such as to allow emergency vehicles to pass . I have concerns about programming vehicles like driverless cars to do so. When you are in the situation of finding an emergency vehicle behind you it needs to be safe to do so. Will these vehicles be able to assess the pavement area ie and what is happening on the pavement ie children elderly and disabled people can they get out of the way if near the kerb in time?”

“We need to simulate the current situation as closely as possible. If vehicles are currently allowed to mount the kerb in extreme circumstances, then automated ones should also be able to do so. Yet more demands on the software, which need to be got right.”

“I think the example throws up a lot of questions about safety of use of vehicles when there is no responsible person on board. It would also make me quite worried if the passenger was someone who required assistance and may not be able to get in or out of the vehicle unaided.”

” I think driverless cars should not be allowed to mount a pavement even in emergency circumstances. Someone walking along that pavement may have to end up in the road due to a car mounting the pavement and this is not safe as there is no driver to explain or help the person around the car.”

“I think cars that have no engine noise pose a threat to those with disabilities and in particular through that cannot see or have hearing difficulties. Crossing roads can be extremely difficult if using a long cane or guide dog. Many cars do not stop and put their engines off or the toot at you to cross. Choosing a safe space to cross is difficult enough without having a car mounting the pavement.”

“Whilst it is clear that further testing and scrutiny is required it would seem automated vehicles are likely to be as safe as those driven by individuals badly, in error etc. We do need to find ways to keep roads and pavements safe and digital solution must be helpful.”

“This would be rather stupid and literally an accident waiting to happen! However, it would be one way of clearing the pavements of abusive, discriminatory and illegally parked vehicles currently blocking total access by pedestrians on many pavements. It may take this artificial intelligence to do what Councils and Police refuse to do and have turned a blind eye to for many years at the detriment of every pedestrian, especially disabled people.”