Question 1:

Do disabled people stand to benefit from a Basic Income?


Yes 43% (13 respondents) No 57% (17 respondents)

Question 2:

Is Basic Income a viable means of tackling poverty for Disabled People?


Yes 50% (15 respondents) No 50% (15 respondents)

Your comments: 

Support Basic Income

If this is on top of the benefits you can claim, then yes, as it will be extra money. However, what happens when we have a change of Government and they decide to change things a bit, could this mean people might end up paying tax on this money? Overall, it is a good idea, however it needs to be looked at by the government and charities who work with people with disabilities to make sure that it is done in a fair way.”

“It will only work if everyone buys into it, but I’d like to give it a shot because inequality is something we don’t want to continue in Scotland.”

“Disabled people should not find themselves repeatedly assessed and having their income drop down unless there is significant improvements to their health and functioning. It has been the insecurity of reasonable levels of income that has caused much of the stress and fear for many people. It has also encouraged a culture of abuse of power by large organisations and statutory agencies.”

“A consistent dependable income that you don’t have to reapply for and are judged around.”

“Ever since I learned about Basic Income a couple of years ago I have wanted it for dyslexic adults. I think it’s a great shame that the Scottish Government aren’t yet paying for dyslexia assessment for dyslexic adults, despite the efforts of me and various others to achieve funding.”

Do not support Basic Income

“Every little helps, but I do think the issue runs much deeper and doesn’t just affect disabled people.” 

“As the proposal is to give everyone the same amount of money and it not be means tested, whether these people actually “need” the money or not achieves nothing only status quo! The poverty gap remains unchanged!”

“Everyone is not the same, not just in disabilities, but generally. l do not believe it is possible.”

“We should be able to release some money that is otherwise wasted on providing and assessing benefits such as Universal Credit. Every little helps, but I do wonder how sustainable this would be and whether it really would enable disabled people to lead more fulfilling and productive lives.”

Not proven argument that sufficient investment would level the playing field. Much more needs to be done structurally – for example, develop the social responses to the social model of disability.”

“There needs to be a genuine, determined effort by this government to target only the needy and vulnerable in society, those that actually need this money and not everyone!”

“A more viable option would be, rather than giving literally everyone the exact same non-means tested sum each month, each year would be to provide a guaranteed-income which would ensure only those individuals whose monthly income is below a defined threshold receive the money or proportion of as a top up to a defined level.” 

“It is NOT sustainable by any means! Several developed countries are currently exploring this myth of breaking the poverty cycle, supposedly narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor and more so of appeasing the masses.”

“Disabled people who get means-tested benefits paid by UK government would get their means-tested benefits withdrawn if they received basic income from Scottish Government.”

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