Question: Do you think other council areas in Scotland must do more to clampdown on Blue Badge misuse?


Yes – 99% (686 respondents) No – 1% (1 respondent)

Your comments:

“Congratulations on this approach by Stirling council. Others need to follow their lead.”

“Great news about Stirling Council. Access Panels should push the other councils to do likewise.”

“It needs to be enforced better, including at hospitals, medical centres and supermarket car parks. Enforcement is currently a joke and people know this, hence spaces are abused and misused.”

“Clackmannanshire has to be one of the worst areas, you pay £20 for a blue badge and can never find anywhere to park. Reporting it makes no odds!”

“A high proportion of abusers park in private car parks, retail parks and such like. The present system leaves responsibility to the owners of the car parks. However, I believe this abuse should be punishable by law.”

“I often have to return home without getting to my appointments or the shops as I can’t get parked. Most of the people parked in the blue badge spaces don’t have a badge. More needs to be done.”

“Falkirk Council need to do the same. There is so much abuse of disabled parking bays that disabled people can’t get parked.”

“There needs to be an education programme to ensure people understand the impacts of using a disabled parking spot when they don’t need it.”

“For the scheme to work, it needs to be enforced and seen to be enforced. I have similar feelings about pavement parking. This must also be rigorously enforced otherwise it’ll just be ridiculous.”

“As a paraplegic I cannot leave my house for the morons that wrongly park in disabled bays. Where are my human rights?”

“Maybe a good, hard hitting educational campaign (like the See Me mental health campaign) as well as better enforcement would help.”

“I live in Argyll and Bute and the Council do nothing, especially in the more remote areas”

“Parking in accessible bays without a blue badge needs to be made socially unacceptable- like the did with the seat belt enforcement and smoking.”