Question: Do you think there should be a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal?

Your feedback: Yes  64% (32 respondents) No 36% (18 respondents)

Your comments: 


“The whole thing is a mess and so much time wasted trying to get a deal. People did not have the full, accurate facts from the 2 sides when they voted. Still so many conflicting stories going round. What good will a General Election or new Prime Minister do? More chaos”

“People can change their minds. Now we know withdrawal is not the easy process promised by Leave in 2016, it is time to ask the people again.”

“This moment in UK politics feels very unstable to me and there is still no action on the part of the UK Govt. Instead, Theresa May seems more concerned with her ego and reputation than with getting on with Brexit.”

“Of course there should be another vote! Now we can fully see the truth that everyone is gonna be worse off and the issues this is going to cause”

“The referendum information was insufficient to make informed decisions another vote should be held”

“I also think that the current government have made a total mess of this and they need to step aside and put a vote back to the people.”

“The implications of leaving the EU were never fully explained the benefits to remain were watered down”

I’m not sure it’s right but we need to have some say in what should happen re Brexit. It’s a very worrying prospect.



“The people of Great Britain have already spoken”

“The vote was held, the people of Britain voted, the majority voted to leave and this decision must be upheld. Any other would undermine the democracy of Britain and disrespect the peoples choice and so fail them! This would in turn open the floodgates for any referendum to be held and reheld.”

“There was already a people’s vote answered on 23rd June 2016. Just because the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland don’t like the result does not mean that the will of the 52% of the U.K. that did vote to leave the EU should be ignored and overturned.” 

“We voted to leave, now let’s get on with it.”

“The original referendum outcome was democratic across the union of Great Britain, in every vote there will be winners and losers, there will be people content with the legitimate outcome and those that will not. The principles of democracy are that the majority opinion is accepted and abided by! Democracy is the corner stone of British society, something which many countries do not have, something which we must embrace, protect and cherish!” 

“As a country, we have already voted – another would not be constitutional!”