Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Brexit.


Do you think disabled people in Scotland will be better or worse off as a result of Brexit?


Your Feedback:

66% (25 respondents) said that disabled people in Scotland would be worse off because of Brexit. This compared with 5% (2 respondents) who said disabled people in Scotland would be better off because of Brexit. The remaining 11 respondents (29%) stated that things would stay the same.

Your Comments:

“The economy is likely to shrink resulting in even less money for public services and thus less money for disability support services.”

“Much depends on the colour of Government in place at the time.”

“I think EVERYONE in Scotland will feel worse after Brexit as I believe the UK government will work against us enjoying free education, health service, prescriptions etc”

“I have a major fear that it will effect disability rights or the act might be watered down”

“Disabled people need to be considered in the negotiations. However Brexit is such an unknown quantity, groups like our Forum need to lobby negotiators for a good outcome.”

“The EU’s Accessibility Act had almost run the course of it’s lifespan and failed to meet many targets.”

“Brexit at the moment is not really looking at how it will affect disabled people in Scotland or across the UK”

“I think this whole issue is being over-hyped. The Human Rights are enshrined in UN, not EU legislation and the Council of Europe is more significant in this regard than the EU.”

Brexit infographic

Brexit infographic