Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about British Sign Language (BSL).


Do you think British Sign Language (BSL) should be taught in schools as a second language?


Your Feedback:

88% (38 respondents) answered YES and thought British Sign Language (BSL) should be taught in schools as a second language. 12% (5 respondents) answered NO.

Your Comments:

“Children should learn sign language from a very early age as it would help them to learn that all children are not the same.”

“I feel the option should be there, partly to improve the ‘inclusion’ of the Deaf Community and partly because ~Scotland has only about 80 BSL Interpreters compared to Finland’s of about 300, which has a similar population size.”

“Why not? It is an international language – albeit with dialects! – and can be very useful.”

“I don’t think it should be taught as a second language in the way that another language is e.g. Spanish, but it must certainly be taught at some point in schools, even if only at a basic level”

“I’d like to see the basics taught in Primary School so that everyone can at least make themselves understood.”

“It should definitely be available as a second language. It should also be available for adults to learn as well.”

“We should at least be taught the basics.”

“I think it would be great. What a fantastic way to ensure all our school children feel included and welcomed. However, with 366k school children in over 2000 primary schools I think it would be very hard to justify as an essential part of the curriculum.”

BSL - infographic

BSL - infographic