Question: Would you support a move in Scotland to adopt a similar building regulations layout as England and Wales to make accessibility guidance easier to find within the building regulations?


Yes – 85% (29 respondents) No – 15% (5 respondents)

Your comments: 

“This is absolutely overdue and I think the Access Panels should get behind this and lobby the Scottish government for this change. Good work!”

“As a wheelchair user I despair of the Scottish regulations. I would like to see a day when I could have an equal opportunity to visit shops, services and friends without having to question whether or not the premises are truly accessible.”

“It would be sensible to consolidate Building Standards. Unfortunately current Scottish Building Standards fall to provide good elements of accessibility because they only meet minimum Standards.”

“I would like to see more and better regulation around design for hearing “access”: acoustics, reverberation etc.”

 “I would also support a change to the Equality Act to ensure that local authority’s must uphold their Equality Duty under the Equality Act to ensure that services and facilities are accessible. “

“Certainly not! There seems to be a lack of knowledge on the history of building standards in Scotland, not regulations. In the 1990s there was a concerted effort including substantial consultation that included disabled people to integrate the accessibility part of the building standard”