Do you think more information and support should be available to carers across Scotland?


Yes 97% (32 respondents) No 3% (1 respondent)

Your comments: 

“Employers also need to be more considerate and flexible in offering support and assist carers to achieve a work life balance.”

“Local care firm says they have no funding available to send carers on training courses. There is actually plenty of information and support available to carers but care firms make little use of this due to lack of funding.”

“Carers are so vital and should get more support.”

“I raise awareness for Carers Week every year and always speak to people who have been carers themselves for years but didn’t realise. Letting them know they’re recognised is always helpful for them so the more awareness that is out there the better.”

“Carers Week should be a great platform to raise awareness however in some areas it almost goes unnoticed. Some events are low key and some are so outdated they fail to engage with carers.”