Question: Do you use community transport services in your local area?

Your feedback: Yes –31% (9 respondents) No – 69% (20 respondents)

Your comments:

“Often the support staff or drivers are volunteers and it’s important that people who give up their time are afforded the same protections and regards to safety as if they were a full time member of staff. And behind this is often an amount of staff or volunteers to recruit and organise volunteers.”

“The voluntary sector and community transport really does fill a huge gap that isn’t, or in many cases can’t be filled by the local authority and the lack of transport after the lucrative routes have been cherry-picked by the contractors.”

“There are a lot of elderly and disabled people in Cumbernauld, the area where I live and the dial-a-bus service seems to be regular available to those who need. As I am disabled I may have to consider using it in the future.”

“Community transport in South Ayrshire is very limited with some areas having a good service as buses have been withdrawn, but others very little service.”

“What can be done to improve community transport? – simple, it needs to be solely for the community, NOT tourists and needs to be available, accessible and also there needs to be more vehicles and providers”

“There are huge benefits from well organised community transport initiatives: wellbeing, civic participation and environmental to name a few. There is not a coordinated, organised initiative in my area.”

“I am a wheelchair user and find community transport a vital service getting picked up to and from venues at my front door is a fantastic service and at an affordable price!! unfortunately there is not enough, I know of only one in my area”

“There needs to be more recognition regarding how valuable the services provided are to vulnerable groups, including disabled people, and to local communities to keep them connected. “