Question: Are the methods for contacting Police Scotland accessible?

Your feedback: Yes 73% (22 respondents) No 27% (8 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Unfortunately all these methods are only accessible if you know and understand how to use them. To the younger generation who are growing up with the new technology it is much easier to understand when something new is developed. But to many older folk it can be very confusing.”

“On the face of it they can be described as accessible but in reality how does one choose? Are the options clear enough?”

“My experience is that no reasonable adjustments are ever made by Police Scotland to allow me to communicate with them as required by my condition which causes my disability. I am a mere box to be ticked and when it takes me longer than others to communicate, they haven’t got the time.”

“I’ve only done this via 101, but have had good service through doing so.”

“Until I read the details in this email, I was unaware of most of the information. I would question therefore, should it be better publicised ?”

“Making contact is not the issue, for anything but 999 response is very slow and action, if any, even slower.”