Weekly Poll Results – COVID-19: Access to Medical Care (Week Beginning 13 April 2020)

Question: Have you or someone you know received contact from a GP to discuss access to medical care, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?


Yes – 3% (15 respondents) No – 97% (423 respondents)

Your Comments:

Reassurances About DNR

“No one has asked me about DNR, all medical staff are trying to limit my risk, keep me in the community and avoid hospital as far as possible”

“My GP surgery phoned me to ask if I had any concerns with anything and also told me not to worry about the DNR media hype as there was no change.”

“I got a text alert from my Health centre to tell me what measures were in place if I needed to visit the surgery but nothing else and no talk of DNR.”

“I’ve still had good access to care. Any judgement about care should be based on symptoms, not age or disability.”

“Not a discussion about DNR but what to do if I needed to see a doctor and to let me know they were still working as usual.”

“My doctors receptionist has been in touch to let me know that the practice is still available but no conversations about DNR. The quick phone call was more supportive and made things clear for if I need to see the doctor during lockdown.”

“Got an automated text to tell me surgery was still open and what to do. No discussion on DNR. I am self-isolating but not shielded.”

“My doctor has been very supportive and never once mentioned DNRs even though I have life limiting conditions. I also think that the Scottish Government’s daily briefings have made it clear that this won’t happen with messages”

“I heard these rumours and phoned my doctor who reassured me that they were not asking patients to sign a DNR because if coronavirus or putting anything in file. I asked as I have complex medical conditions and was reassured by my doctors’ response. People need to stop scaremongering.”

“My medical team are excellent and ensure that I have all the medications that I require.”

“I’ve had to call my surgery about a recurring medical issue and the staff were fantastic. A prescription was issued after checking with the GP and the issue was resolved, for the time being.”

Concerns about DNR

“I have lost confidence in my practice since receiving a phone call asking if I would be prepared to forgo treatment in favour of a younger, presumably non-disabled person. I feel like I have been written off as surplus to requirements and a drain on society.”

“Community nurse asked on behalf of doctor if in result of getting COVID-19, if I wanted to be resuscitated. I am 68 years of age, fit and reasonably healthy (I know COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate) but really this question staggered me, I asked my family what they thought, thank goodness they said don’t be silly Mum. So, if necessary, please resuscitate.”

“Having read other people’s comments online, I would not mention my autism diagnosis in case I was deprioritised for ventilation support.”

“I think that it is scandalous folk receiving DNR letters or telephone calls in this vain,”

“No, I have not. I am appalled that some vulnerable people are being pressured into this.”

“While I have not been contacted personally on this issue, I am very aware that there are people who have been contacted as there have been a number of posts about this on social media.”

Changes to Medical Care Consultation

“I had a telephone discussion to deal with increasing my pain medication.”

“The doctor rang me at home, and we discussed all aspects of my underlying illnesses and the reordering of medication. Everything in order, no problems.”

“I get update texts from my GP surgery to remind me they are still open for normal business and have staggered appointment with only one person in at a time. Doctor has also said she will do a house call if necessary.”

“I had a video consultation today with my GP who discussed my condition and history and a prescription was sent through to pharmacy. Efficient and effective and a model post pandemic. A much easier consultation for me as a disabled person. No worries about someone to come with me, parking or surgery accessibility.”


“There is a notice outside GP surgery that says “Closed to patients. Consultations are now being made by telephone only. But I cannot use telephones due to being deaf.”

“I had a long-awaited hospital appointment replaced by a phone appointment, but I am severely hearing impaired and I couldn’t understand what was going on. I couldn’t be in a private room because of the living situation and everyone having to be in the house. They didn’t make any adjustment for the fact I’m deaf and just counted it as the appointment had happened. I got a letter a couple of weeks later full of errors, I am so upset.”