Have you (or someone you know) been unable to access assistance from social care services?  


Yes – 50% (22 respondents) No – 50% (22 respondents)

Your comments:

Changes to Social Care

“One of my usual support workers has had to self-isolate but I am still currently getting my usual hours, with other support workers I know. This may change if any of the staff get sick and they have to cover some of their shifts. As well as the stuff they usually help me with they have also got some shopping for me as there were problems with my Asda delivery, even though I have a recurring slot.”

“Thankfully I don’t require social care, but I do know owners of a care agency. They are struggling more than normal, having to ask clients families /friends if they can help with daily visits to free up staff.”

“I was having difficulties self-isolating as I had several carers in every day, and they were visiting several other clients and their own families. After I made several phone calls and sent several emails, I was eventually allowed to employ my PA to cover my care package until the crisis is over. However, the duty worker was little help and the response was very much the type of response you get from a call centre. As usual when my past social worker tried to help, she got very little co-operation from my service provider. Things would have been easier if multi agency co-operation were an actual reality. None of these changes may have been necessary if someone had tackled the problem of multi-carers from different environments. This needs to be looked at for the sake of both the clients and the carers safety.”

“My son was discharged from a brain injuries unit earlier than planned to shield him from COVID-19 and free up bed space in hospital chain. No social care kicked in and appointments deferred indefinitely. Very unsatisfactory, although unit is offering temporary remote support it is not a managed transition. We understand this is exceptional circumstances, however, I feel something should be in place to even assist getting shopping online.”

Social Care Stopped

“My Mother is at end of life care and at Home – She had 4 visits a day however, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership said due to Coronavirus they had no Staff and have stopped support basically leaving Old People alone to die. My Sister has had to quit her job and move back to Glasgow to care for my mum.”

“My 84-year-old disabled mother can no longer get help with showering once a week as her local authority are prioritising those in greater need. I’m classed as vulnerable and self-isolating for 3 months so can’t help her.”

“Two elderly women having had emergency colostomies discharged home with no specialist or support packages. Regular screening clinics closed – what about those with existing conditions? Non-corona patients should not be sacrificed in favour of those who have, or worse, those who might, become infected. What is being put in place by the NHS & social care authorities to address this?”

Social Care in Rural Areas

“Things might be okay in towns and cities with loads of nursing agencies and plenty of carer staff to go around but the situation is very different in remote areas.”


“I was told someone would call me, but I can’t hear well on the phone.”

“Local social work website says they are no longer visiting elderly people to carry out care needs assessments. They are not replying to letters or emails and I cannot use telephones because I am deaf.”

“This is proving extremely difficult, especially as the council do not even bother to contact those that they are aware of having disabilities. Even if we did not use social services before, we feel we need to now and there is no contact whatsoever!”

“I have had little contact with social care on behalf of an elderly friend. I found them difficult to contact and they did none of the promised actions.”