Question: Do you think the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland is prepared to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19)?


Yes – 24% (14 respondents) No – 76% (44 respondent)

Your comments:

“I have every faith in our NHS. If necessary, armed forces medics can also be called in. This is unprecedented times, and everyone should take every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus.”

“I do not think NHS will let themselves down nor patients who will be treated (I feel) to the best of NHS’s ability.”

“It’s been so fast to take hold and so impactful, we can’t blame the NHS for any unpreparedness, in these initial stages.”

“Due to the unprecedented situation no health service could be prepared, obviously previous threats have been rehearsed but this doesn’t fit previous models.”

“I was at hospital yesterday with my daughter and saw how hard the staff on all sections working hard, keeping everything ticking. Well done.”

“I am a part time Staff Nurse and I have received no extra advice or protective clothing whatsoever. I am a full-time carer to my husband who has serious long-term health conditions. Am I supposed to take this disease home so that he gets it?”

“The NHS is severely lacking in essential supplies and personal protective equipment.”

“Media coverage shows that NHS staff are concerned and anxious at this early stage re: staff numbers and resources.”

“Unfortunately, due to cuts to staff levels and the lack of Intensive care beds it could prove difficult for NHS Scotland over the next few months to cope. However, in all honesty I hope and pray they do because it is unthinkable what could happen if they don’t.”

“The staff are dedicated and hardworking, but I do not think the system is equipped for this.”