Does the criminal justice system treat disabled people fairly?


Yes 0% (0 respondents) No 36% (5 respondents)  Don’t know 64% (9 respondents)

Your comments: 

“There should be an Independent Disability Advocate present to supervise any questions or integration as well as solicitor.”

“There needs to be an in-depth review of the whole criminal justice system, including how witnesses etc are treated – It is not just disabled people that are treated unfairly.”

“I suspect many dyslexic people who commit crimes do so because their dyslexia has not been identified or addressed. For example, they may find themselves leaving education without any qualifications, and possibly barely literate. And so it’s easy to understand how they might turn to crime as a means of survival.”

“Being disabled doesn’t make you a good person so I don’t think people would be treated unfairly due to a disability, I think they would be treated differently if they were suspected of a crime.”