Question: Do you think TV licence fee evasion should be decriminalised?


Yes – 71% (42 respondents) No – 29% (17 respondents)

Your comments:

“I am concerned that some of us good citizens will be paying for those who have no decency to pay for theirs!”

Prisons are already overcrowded with people who deserve to be there for their crimes.”

“Need to be made acquainted with various scheme models before choice could be made.”

“There must be alternatives. Such as the channel’s that allow advertising. As someone on disability benefits and who rarely leaves the house my TV is a lifeline for me but is a cost i’m now struggling to justify”

People on benefits have enough problems trying to pay the fee without this addition on top.”

“Since over 99% of the population have a television the whole idea of licencing should be abolished. The BBC should be funded entirely by the government by increasing the amount of VAT charged on televisions. It is particularly important that BBC text should be retained because that is vital for deaf people who live in remote areas where neither broadband nor mobile signals are available.”  

“Although I have agreed with decriminalising the existing TV licence I only say this because it is better than criminalisation. However, the scrapping of the TV licence would be a much better solution for disabled people many of whom are on low incomes or benefits and their television is the only means of entertainment and escape from the reality of their isolation and disability.”

“Perhaps those that want it decriminalising also want Council Tax evasion and Road Tax evasion decriminalising? Where will it stop? Pavement parking and double parking was decriminalised and now look where we are, many pavements are now NO GO areas, nothing more than car parks! Give people the smallest amount of flexibility and they will always abuse it for their own selfishness and greed!”

I would like to see the abolition of the fee. People should be able to chose their provider now and the BBC should be free from restrictions to compete in the market place or sufficiently state funded to focus on specific activities and withdraw the fee.”

“I believe all TV licences should be abolished never mind be decriminalised. The funds from this source is not distributed to all stations providing a service but only to the BBC.”

If there’s no TV licence then there won’t be any of the quality programming the BBC does, particularly on radio. Which commercial station would pick up the World Service? None. All the science and nature documentaries would be degraded to the level of something on the History Channel.”

“Theft, of which this is an example is a criminal offence and to decriminalise this act of theft opens the door for other acts to also be decriminalised.”

“The Licence fee should remain and it should remain a criminal act not to pay! If it is decriminalised less people will pay and quality BBC programmes will suffer and decline then we will be left with garbage and relentless repeats.”