Question: Do you like new disability emojis that will launch later this year?


Yes 83% (43 respondents) No 17% (9 respondents)

Your comments: 

“I don’t see the point. They’re meant to be representing emotional responses. Why do you need to see the disability? Sometimes electronic communication is a chance to create your own character without all the baggage of disability”

“Definitely a positive step.”

“It would be nice to have an emoji depicting someone walking with crutches/a walking stick. And I hope that the emoji’s will be inclusive of different skin colours.”

“These ridiculous, infantile images are labelling, insulting, patronising and discriminating!”

“They totally stink of stereotyped unconscious and hidden biases. Totally vulgar and typical of the pretence of zero insight!”

“These emojis depict only physical disabilities. It would be useful to also have an emoji which could represent those who are affected by mental health disabilities.”

“If Grace Warnock, a disabled child, can design a sign for hidden disabilities which the Scottish Parliament has adopted on its toilet doors, why can’t Apple adopt it too at this stage?”