Question: Do you think public sector organisations (the police, the army, public transport, health services, education, councils and the government)  must do more to employ disabled people in Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes 95% (19 Respondents) No 5% (1 respondent)

Your comments: 

“Main problem is the cost of travel to work. Had to turn down job offer because I could not afford cost of travelling to work by taxi.!”

“Yes, there is a lot that could be done to improve communication and understand communication barriers. We would like to see more people with communication barriers in employment.”

“I think all organisations need to be trained in how to deal with disabled people so that they are ready for someone disabled being employed.”

“Re-introduce a Quota Scheme in Scotland. Give it teeth, prove it works”
“In order for public sector organisations to employ more disabled people they need to make the workplace more ‘disabled friendly’ and staff need to understand the difficulties that disabled people with mental and physicial health problems experience in the workplace.”