Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about disability hate crime. We had a tremendous response and received lots of interesting comments.


Would you feel confident to report an incident of disability hate crime? YES/NO

Your Feedback:

69% ( 33 respondents) answered YES that they would feel confident to report disability hate crime.  31% (15 respondents) said NO, they would not feel confident.

Some comments:

“It is difficult sometimes for people without disabilities to understand the significance of hate crime incidents.”

“The legislation’s so loose worded, it’s difficult to know what to report and what can be considered ‘banter’.”

“I think this type of crime is despicable and should carry the maximum penalty allowed.”

“People think that if someone is different and they don’t understand why and feel threatened without rhyme or reason, they will attack.”

“Too often disabled people fear complaining about any type of crime, but more so this because of reprisals – they are vulnerable and should be protected.”

“I have never been a victim, but would definitely report any incident.”