Question: Do you think there needs to be a change in legislation to prevent the placing of bollards between disabled parking spaces?

Your feedback: Yes  98% (41 respondents) No 2% (1 respondents)

Your comments: 

Agree with campaign to change legislation

“This has caused damage to my chair on more than one occasion in the past”

“I use a hoist to get my scooter out of the car and agree that I shouldn’t have to get it out into the road due to bollards determining the way I park my car.”

“Governments, Councils etc are far too quick to install items without thinking the whole process through. Were any disabled groups consulted before the bollards were installed? Probably not”

“Bollards placed in the centre of the parking bay makes parking tricky if reversing into the bay in order to leave sufficient space at the rear of the vehicle to enable wheelchairs or aids to be removed fro the boot where necessary. I can understand the difficulty in placing the bollard at the edge of the space as it could hamper the manoeuvre of a wheelchair from the car space onto the pavement but I’m sure a better solution could be made.”

“Sick of having to put my lift down into traffic. Very dangerous. “

“I’ve not had a bad experience but know of people that have had difficulties using parking spaces due to bollards. Legislation should help.”

“As a WAV user this is a common problem and makes the difference between visiting a place or not as it is not always safe to deploy the ramp in to the car park traffic.”

Don’t agree with campaign to change legislation

What is the function of the bollards? Is it so drivers don’t hit the kerb when they are parking? What about toddlers and other children running out between cars? Do bollards discourage children from stepping off the pavement?