Ministers intend to use regulation-making powers in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 to establish a statutory service.

The proposals include:

  • the duty to ensure that people are available to provide support, and to deliver training, will be placed on local authorities;
  • a broad statutory duty will be supported by more detailed guidance;
  • the Care Inspectorate will come under a duty of quality assessment, while the Mental Welfare Commission will have oversight of the provision of services nationwide.

Do you agree with the above proposals?

Your feedback: Yes –90% (26 respondents) No – 3% (1 respondent) Don’t know – 7% (2 respondents)

Your comments:

“Shocking that this is not a Statutory Requirement. Identification of vulnerable individuals also needs to be looked at.”
“Needs to be managed effectively. Needing a ‘resposible adult’, means also needing protecting – this should be handled with care and compassion – not foisted on vulnerable individual.”
“I do not agree with the scheme being limited to the criminal justice system. It should also apply to those involved in the civil justice system, for example, those who get summary warrants issued by councils where they don’t actually owe any council tax.”