The Scottish Government has released its consultation paper on a renewed Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy: 2019 – 2024.

Do you agree the Strategy will improve services for those who experience Falls?


Yes 57% (4 respondents) No 43% (3 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Yes, prevention is better than cure and more emphasis is needed to help prevent and minimise slips, trips and falls/ageing better.”

“We would like to see explicit mention of communications in the strategy. It is assumed/implied however the quality and extent of the communications will have a serious impact on the results. Need to see information in range of languages including BSL & formats including easy read and others.”

“The strategy should be brought to the attention of every household in Scotland. This could be done by enclosing a leaflet with local authority communications about Council Tax.”

“Without adequate and substantial funding nothing will change.”

“This is nothing new, seen it before, all sounds good on paper and lots of resources sat around tables going over and over it and plenty of feel good factor/ self-patting on the back only to find at the end of it all there are insufficient resources to actually make it work!”

“I do agree with the outcomes – I am just not convinced the outcomes will become a reality.”