Do you think the age that you qualify for a free bus pass should rise?


Your Feedback:

39% (21 respondents) answered yes, as they think the age that you qualify for a free bus pass should rise.  61% (33 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

The majority of comments from respondents agree that a rise in the age of free bus travel should be in line with the current age of retirement.

“Yes, up to sixty-five because that is now the age set for retirement for both women and men.”

“Since the country is so hard up I do feel that the age at which you qualify for a bus pass should rise in line with pension age. I regularly meet people travelling to Edinburgh for free and jetting off on foreign holidays. People still in paid work, unless registered disabled, should not be able to do this.”

“I find it a little bit patronising to assume that at a certain age people can’t afford to travel or keep warm. These benefits should be for those who need them and not automatically dished out to wealthy individuals who can easily pay to stay warm and travel as they wish.”

Some of the respondents who agreed with the rise also felt that any changes to eligibility should not be rushed.

“The increase in the age that you are eligible for free bus travel should be phased in slowly”

A number of respondents highlighted the benefits of increasing the age of free bus travel for older and disabled people.

“Community transport door-to-door schemes should be funded to meet their transport needs. Raising the age of eligibility could fund this.”

“Raising the age to age of retirement will make the scheme more sustainable and may release funding to assist with other low income disadvantaged groups.”

In contrast, some of the respondents already benefited from the current eligibility criteria, and therefore felt that the age that you qualify should not change.

“It is a life line to me because I have the need for the pass as I have to go to various hospitals in Scotland for treatment for various medical conditions.”

“It’s one of the things that helps get people out and stops them from becoming isolated.”