Question: Have you experienced or witnessed a Disability Hate Crime on public transport? (Bus, Train, Tram, Subway, Ferry, Taxi, Plane)

Your feedback: Yes –35% (11 respondents) No – 65% (20 respondents)

Your comments:

“I have been shouted and swore at on bus because we asked someone to vacate the wheelchair space with their suitcase.”

“I think the staff on public transport (buses and trains) need better training on how to recognise disability hate crime, how to assist those being abused and de-escalation techniques to defuse the situation if possible.”

“I would hope a Charter would reduce these crimes. People must report these incidents and Transport providers must examine cases closely.”

“I have a largely unseen disability I have been the victim of hate crime on a number of occasions from using my blue badge, to using a disabled toilet, to standing and walking out of my wheelchair and for using the accessible seats on train and buses. Sadly much of this hate crime has been by other disabled people who have visible disabilities or of an older age.”