Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about planning applications. We had a tremendous response and received lots of interesting comments.


Since 2014, have you needed to make any changes to your home because of your disability? YES/NO

Your Feedback:

65% (17 respondents) said YES, that changes had been made to their homes since 2014 because of their disability. 35% said NO, changes had not been made to their homes.

Your Comments:

”Plan and then try and have it done under your own steam as it may be cheaper and you’ll get what you want rather than what GCC want you to have which is invariably functional and not much else.”

“I have been told that in terms of adapting a kitchen having accessible kitchen cupboards is unneccessary as “accessing kitchen cupboards is not a daily kitchen activity” which I find astonishing!”

“I feel unsure of my rights in terms of what local authorities should be doing, compared to what is my own responsibility as a disabled person having to adapt my home and garden to best accommodate my wheelchair.”

“Additional soft furnishings to improve acoustics and soften noise. Installation of devices to assist hearing e.g. to stream sound from TV direct to hearing aids; to recognise doorbell.”

“Do not own your own home – you get little or no help – you end up paying for this – there is no equality”

“It is financially expensive to medically adapted a normal family home and therefore, I would more like to see more availability of affordable disabled housing in local areas”

“The process is quite bureaucratic. Also, depending on income and cost of adaptations the 20% contribution can make the cost a barrier to someone needing adaptations to assist with their independence and as such not being able to afford the adaptions.”

“Difficult to obtain in a period of extreme Council cuts. Its possibly time to consider contributions from clients and outside bodies.”

Infographic of housing adaptations weekly poll


Housing Adaptations - Info-graphic