Do you think the Scottish Budget will be worse off as a result of Brexit?


Your Feedback:

88% (28 respondents) answered yes as they think the Scottish Budget will be worse off as a result of Brexit. 12% (4 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“As there does not seem to be any plan for exit and disability still low on government priority I think things will be worse off”

“It may be something of a cynical view but I feel that the degree of speculative uncertainty that already prevails will only lead to opportunists both in the commercial and political worlds to either increase prices or cut services/budgets, the latter disguised as cost savings. Major political re-shaping rarely benifits the public in general financially and from past experience the disabled are somewhat lower down the pecking order.”

“We think there is already under funding when it comes to levelling the playing field generally and that communication access is not particularly valued by society at the moment, placing those costs at the back of any queue.”

“It is unlikely the UK Government will be able to replace all the money we lose as a result of leaving the EU”

“We will be much better off as a result of Brexit. The rest of the world will be more keen to trade with us”