Question: Should junk food price deals be banned to tackle obesity in Scotland?


Yes 75% (30 respondents) No 25% (10 respondents)

Your comments: 


“Promote price deals on healthy foods and snacks.”

“Whilst I don’t fundamentally agree with this principle as it punishes those who do not get obese by eating junk food, I think we have to take a hard stance on the price deals with this one to tackle the massive problem in obesity in Scotland.”

“Junk food should be banned in entirety and not just price deals and special offers!”

“Scotland has 96% of the UK’s crude oil and 70% of the UK’s fish landings, yet many of us can’t afford to eat healthily due to poverty caused by UK Government welfare policy.”

“Should not be allowed within 5 miles of any school or shopping centre and fines for throwing empty cartons and packages out of car windows.”


“Eating Junk food is a personal choice there are far more important things to be addressed at this time such as the NHS/Brexit”

“I do not consider that a meal deal consisting of a sandwich, vegetables and water is junk food. This is another example of restricting the individual’s choice rather than acknowledging that not everyone has the money to pass up on such deals.”

“This is really “food for thought” as banning these deals may help or not. If folks want these foods they will still buy them, albeit in lesser quantities.”